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Wine on premise


Make your own wine at home or on site!

Step by step process:

1) Wine selection, come see our exceptional choice of wine kits in store. We pride ourselves in fast and courteous service. Let one of our experts help you choose the ideal wine suited to your preferences and budget. You can take your wine kit home to make it yourself or have us do it for you on site.

2) Mixing – Start the making of the wine by following the simple instructions provided in your wine kit. If you’ve chosen for our staff to handle this process, we will assist you in starting the fermentation and book a bottling date that works for you right away. Kits vary from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the wine you’ve chosen.

3) Bottling – The bottling process is very pleasant and done in a short amount of time. We have a wide selection of labels and cap covers available in different styles and colors. Custom naming on the label is also available!

It’s time to take your wine home to enjoy with family and friends or put is in your wine cellar to mature.

We are an eco friendly facility, we recycle corks and bottles, hang on to them for your next visit!