Restricted Quantities brings you four of our finest award-winning wines, released exclusively in The Gold Standard Collection. These distinguished wines set a gold standard for elegance, ageability and finesse—a true celebration of excellence in craft winemaking.

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Australia Shiraz Viognier
Australia Shiraz Viognier is stylish yet refined. It is lush with a tapestry of smooth tannins and succulent dried fruits, vanilla and black pepper.

Oak: Heavy | Body: Full | Sweetness: Dry

Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212
Grape Skins: Dried
Oak: American & Hungarian

Food Pairings
Braised Lamb, Short Ribs, Aged Gouda, Chocolate Cake

Release Date: December 2017




Chile Carménère
Opulent and rich, Carménère boasts the luscious flavors of red cherries and berries, with hints of spice and leather enhanced with robust tannins.

Oak: Medium | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Dry

Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212
Grape Skins: Crushed
Oak: American

Food Pairings
Bison burgers, Lamb kebabs, Meat pie, Sharp Cheddar cheese

Release Date: January 2018


Sourced from native Spain, Tempranillo adds panache to any cellar. It skillfully balances fresh berries with savory notes of pepper and smoke.

Oak: Heavy | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Dry

Yeast: Bourgovin RC 212
Grape Skins: Dried
Oak: American and Hungarian

Food Pairings
Pepperoni pizza, Burritos, Grilled flank steak, Manchego cheese

Release Date: February 2018




From renowned German vineyards, this Riesling is captivating and complex. Crisp flavors of honey, peach, and lemon finish with a lingering minerality.

Oak: Unoaked | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Off-Dry

Yeast: QA23
Optional sweetening blend

Food Pairings
Pad Thai, German sausages, Shrimp stir-fry, Edam cheese

Release Date: March 2018

Varietal Enhancing Yeasts in RQ 2018 Kits

Crafting flavorful wine requires the highest quality must. In addition, using the right yeast is essential to enhance the wine’s complexity.  During fermentation, yeast produce small amounts of volatile compounds that contribute characteristics to a wine’s aromas and flavors. Some of the most important flavor compounds are called esters, aldehydes and ketones. Advances in the understanding how yeast control the formation of these aroma compounds has lead to the development of yeast strains which can alter or emphasize various aromatic notes in the wine.

Bourgovin RC 212

This yeast was specifically developed in Burgundy, France for red wine fermentations to enhance varietal character by emphasizing ripe berry and fruit aromas.  It also promotes good color stability and extraction.


This yeast was first isolated in the Portuguese vineyards of Vinho Verde.  It is best known for its low nutrient and oxygen requirements and its ability to ferment at lower temperatures (15°C/59°F). It creates wines with floral, citrus and tropical fruit flavors.


Hungarian Oak
Wine is aged together with wood to enhance the flavor, aroma and complexity of the wine through the extraction of substances from the wood into the wine. Hungarian Oak is becoming more popular for oak ageing premium wines because it is known to impart more subtle flavors and firmer, but silkier tannins, similar to French oak. Hungarian oak contributes flavors such as vanilla, mocha, leather, bitter chocolate, and hints of black pepper.

American Oak
American oak is used by many winemakers for the aromatic sweetness it contributes to the wine. On the palate, American oak provides a tannin structure that accentuates the fruit on the mid palate, while on the nose it will contribute aromas of cedar, sweet spices, mocha, and coconut.

Crushed & Dried Grape Skins

The GenuWine Winery Grape Skins included in our three red wine kits are made through a patented process of gently drying crushed whole grape skins to retain original color and nutritional integrity.   The skins are processed to maximize color and flavor extraction so that all their goodness can be extracted in a five or six day fermentation period.

Grape skins will add smooth tannins, robust color and rich aromas to your red wines, making them more complex and fuller-bodied.  These bigger, bolder red wines will drink well while still young, but the goodness from the skins will also continue to enhance the flavor of the wine when aged.

Premium Labels

We showcase our prestigious RQ wine collection with premium and custom designed labels.  Each wine is represented by a unique color: red for Triumph, indigo for Prestige, emerald for Eminence and black for Virtue.  Our 2018 RQ wines will look as refined and elegant in the bottle as they taste on the palate.


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