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We carry a large variety of accessories, come see our showroom full of gift ideas! For examples of our used products see near the bottom of this page.

Here are just a few of our bestsellers:













The .50cal Bullet Beer Glass is the stylish way to drink your beer. This beer glass is made of hand-blown durable borosilicate glass & crafted to perfection.

Designed with double-wall glass so your warm hands will not take the chill off your beer. Go & enjoy a cold one with our .50cal Bullet Beer Glass. 

  • Hand-blown durable borosilicate glass
  • Double-wall design prevents condensation & keeps drinks cold
  • Use with hot & cold drinks
  • Capacity: 16 oz. (475 ml)
  • Dimensions: 7¾” H x 3¼” Ø (20cm H x 8½cm Ø)
  • Hand wash only


Simply insert directly into your decanter, then pour your wine through and serve.

Instantly oxygenate your wine; no need to wait for wine to breathe in an open bottle or decanter. The unique 3 phase aeration and oxygenation system provides up to twice as much scent and flavour compared to serving from a bottle or traditional decanter. 

  • Enhances scent and flavour
  • Instantly oxygenates your wine
  • Great for all red wines
  • Filters any sediment
  • Includes: Stainless Steel Aerator, Aerator Bowl & Stainless Steel Filter
  • Dimensions: 3.6” Ø x 7” H 
    (9.2cm Ø x 17¾cm H)

Three Phase Aeration Process:

Phase One:
The process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel filter, catching sediment while disbursing into the aerator.

Phase Two:
The wine is gently disbursed again, this time through holes inside the aerator bowl into a specially designed globe, providing a new aeration phase.

Phase Three:
The wine continues into the bottom of the aerator and travels strategically out and onto the sides of the decanter providing superior aeration and oxygenation.

Finally, the wine comes to rest in the decanter ending the journey bursting with flavour and scent.




We have a variety of used products in store, due to the rarity of some of the items we cannot guarantee inventory, come have a look at some of the wondrous things we’ve put together for you. Here are a few examples:


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